Project Details

Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Type: Hydro Power
Status: Operational
Capacity: 5.2 MW
Off Taker: KPLC

IDEA power undertook a 5.2MW power project in Bungoma County looking to provide electricity at a reasonable cost to families, schools, farms, factories and businesses throughout the county. Using state of the art turbines, transformers and power lines, Idea power will make renewable electricity to be supplied to the National Grid while providing employment to the residents of Bungoma. Site works for this project started in January 2015. Hydro power is the nation’s largest source of renewable electricity as Kenya’s total installed large hydropower capacity is 743 MW. Growing this resource would bring more clean low cost electricity to residents. Bungoma County is located in the Western province of Kenya and has a population of over 1.3 million residents distributed among its 6 constituencies.